Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a difference a year will make

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Another time we got out we managed to catch a Hatch Year Male Indigo Bunting-so hard to believe that the next time we see him (hopefully ;D) he will be all blue!

(Blogger having trouble uploading a BLUE one try clicking here)

I love Indigo Buntings they are one of my favourite birds so I was quite happy when we caught this fellow-the same net run we caught an Indigo female as well-but I don't think I got any shots of her. (I'll have to check that if I do I will post-them being one of my favourites and all) When we have gotten out we seem to either be really busy or just about to get rained on (hard to believe we so little rain this year!)

I'm hoping to have some time this week to do some catch up posts

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Much Delayed but Highly Anticipated

Male Mourning Warbler shots

Hope nobody minds a Spring Banding shot in the Fall-I realized I had never gotten around to posting the Male shot when I promised I would

He is a Hatch Year Male with not a lot of black on his throat as you can see :D