Monday, January 29, 2007

A Gorgeous Winter's Day

This is actually from last Thursday when I meant to post this. It was a beautiful gorgeous sunny very cold day and I felt guilty because I had not been to the park to feed or observe the birds in awhile, I stopped and bought a suet feeder on my way to the meadow.

The snow was pristine, the sky was blue and the air was cold, it was afternoon and the shadows were long across the pond.

Before I got to the meadow I saw a photographer with a big lens aimed at a tree on the east side of the road, Pileated I thought, and yes that's what it was. She was in good light, and I got the best pics I have gotten of her yet. Still not perfect I can only imagine what his shots were like.

When I got to the meadow the Chickadees were happy to see me, as were the Juncos and the Hairy stopped by, the Red Bellied made only a brief appearance. Only one Downy showed up but she knew immediately what to do with the suet.

After observing for about an hour or two I had to leave it was getting pretty chilly by then. I went back this weekend and saw some more activity which I will post in a day or two.


talk talk talk said...

Is that second photo a chickadee (asks ignorant me)?

I think I saw a downy in my back yard the other day. I tried to get some shots, but she was too fast moving and too far. I got a couple of great blurred shots!

Marg said...

Oh hi Points!
No the second photo is the same Downy in the third photo, just looking down at the feeder, straight on looks are always funny I think