Friday, April 20, 2007

What are you doing for Earth Day?

A Misnomer on Feathery Friday
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We will be celebrating here!

Come join us if you can


Larry said...

I picked ups some trash from a local trail that kids left after a party.I also admired a pine tree that I planted 10 years ago on earth day.-it grew from 6" to about 8'

Sonja Andic said...

Hi there. Love your bird pics Marg.
I am learning about birds and mostly I am interested in trails, but the two go hand in hand I am sure you would say. Are there any trails that you really like for birding you can recommend?
Sonja Andic

Marg said...

Great work larry, every bit counts-it's so nice to go back and visit a thriving tree, I helped plant some at a park recently and plan on going back in 10 years too.

Hi Sonja-there are a lot of good places to bird-you're in Toronto I assume? High Park has some great ones, Humber Bay Park, Colonel Sam Smith Park, Tommy Thompson Park and the Music Garden is nice too.

Or you could join TBO and come out with us :D