Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thanks Tova!

Yesterday we were going to go out and look for the Pine Grosbeaks everybody keeps talking about in Bowmanville or maybe the Northern Hawk Owl in Stoney Creek, but we were running out of light so instead just decided to see what was hanging around Humber Bay East at the Lake.

We pulled into the parking lot and thought hey those people look familar-it was Tova a Toronto Bird Observatory Member and she told us that there were a pair of Harlequin Ducks immediately south of where we were standing offering good views. And she was right we found them within five minutes (that's the kind of birding I like ;D)

Both the male and the female were quite obliging-too bad I don't have a bigger zoom lens, or maybe a teleconverter but still you get the general idea of what they look like-they also hung around for more than an hour keeping relatively close to shore

By the time we left the Lakeside was feeling very cold and windy so it seems appropriate to end with the Tundra Swans we saw

It may actually be warm enough to band this week! Stay Tuned

The Annual General Meeting is to held February 3-see you there

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mon@rch said...

such amazing birds and thanks for sharing! Congrats on finding these guy!