Monday, March 09, 2009

An Owl Winter

At the Mall
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I know I have been very remiss in updating the Blog and for this I apologize. A few times I tried and was thwarted by computer issues-and never got around to trying again. Because it is almost Spring-I thought I better write something. I hope everyone had a good holiday season and are ready to get back to banding!

And now for the subject of this post-this Winter has been a great winter for owls. I finally got a Snowy Owl as a lifer earlier in the year-and since then made a trek to Amherst Island and saw another 6 of them. The day we were there a birding club was also there and I later read on Ontbirds that eighteen had been reported!

A Great Grey Owl would also be a lifer for me and they have certainly been reported in the Toronto area. I hope to get to see one before they go back up North-keep your fingers crossed for me.

Northern Saw Whets, and Boreals are also two of the species found at Amherst Island-if you have a chance to go there and are an owl fan I would strongly recommend it.

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