Thursday, November 15, 2007

Disasters and what you can do

How sad is it to read again about oil spills threatening our wildlife? Two spills this week-one in the Black Sea and one in San Francisco Bay. Both in important bird migration routes.

Here is a link with some information on the SanFran one and the Russian story here

Save our Shores -has some great info on which species are at risk and how you can help-what to do if you find an oiled bird and where you can donate!

There is a great Blog from someone who is out volunteering right now at the Wildlife Centre handling the birds in San Francisco it is full of information and some stunning photos!

It has been 18 years since The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, which occurred on March 24, 1989 and as can be seen from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Assoication's Ocean Service site "In summer 2001, roughly 10,000 pits were excavated as part of a shoreline survey of Prince William Sound. Oil was found at 58 percent of the 91 sites surveyed, which is approximately equivalent to 5.8 km of contaminated shoreline (Short et al., 2001). (Photo credit: NMFS, NOAA"

Here's a link to a petition against bunker fuel like that spilled in San Franciso.

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mon@rch said...

This is soo sad and although I was in highschool back in 1989 when Exxon had its spill, it still seems like yesterday that it happened! I can still remember seeing that in my Nat Geo magazine!