Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ruthven Banding Station

We went to visit another banding station yesterday-and it was great fun. (almost) worth getting up at 3:20-groan!

On the very first net run we caught a Black Billed Cuckoo! Richard extracted and got to band it.

She was quite the beauty-her red eyeliner was quite pretty-but I was quite enamoured with her beautiful long tail!

I actually didn't take that many photos while there-because I was banding. And despite the mistakes I made I think they may have me back ;) (and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Fudge Brownies I brought-lol)

They have an actual station there-with heat, lights, etc....and a building close by with a washroom-luxury! Ontario Power Generation donated money to build the station and it really looks great. This photo is a little dark but it was early you know!

One of the interesting birds caught while we were there was a retrap Yellow Warbler that was aged as a 2nd Year Bird in 2006-but would have been aged as that now if they hadn't had the previous records. She was quite a revelation to all.

I was happy to see all the Pearl Crescent butterlies hanging around between nets 3-5. I needed a shot of one of them and I got quite a few they were very co-operative!
(for butterlies!)

You can read about Ruthven at their own blog at Ruthven Park's Nature Blog-they update much more regularly than I do!

Thank you very much Rick, Brian, Faye and Phil-it was great meeting you and working with you.

Next the neat bird Richard got to band at Rock Point! And I will try to catch up with some more banding photos this week


mon@rch said...

Wonderful day and without a doubt Fudge Brownies can really do a great deal to banders alike!

Marg said...

LOL is that a hint when we come see you Mon@rch?