Saturday, December 09, 2006

Petition, Budgie and Sunsets

First off Christmas is still doing well. I expect to have new photos of him tomorrow or the next day, and he will be featured in a update column in the Toronto Star on Monday.

Today we were at the park getting support for our Petition, please sign HERE if you have not already done so, we need your support to continue our work. We did pretty well today, collected about two dozen signatures, there were lots of dog owners out this morning. I also watched a Blue Jay scold a squirrel for stealing his peanuts, and it worked the squirrel scampered away.

After the rescue of Christmas being on Global-the TV station received a call from a lady who reported seeing a budgie flying around her neighbourhood with a flock of birds, and wondered if we could help her. We said we would come and take a look and see if there was anything we could do. It was very strange seeing this bird in the cedar.

There was at least 30 House Sparrows, there were also six or eight Mourning Doves, a Red Winged Blackbird, and a Mockingbird! (and no I wasn't able to get a shot of the Mockingbird, sorry) At one point the flock flew off in a panic as a Coopers Hawk glided by overhead.

We watched to learn the Budgies pattern of flying, and did not try to put up a mist net today. We are going to try something over the weekend and perhaps go back on Monday.........will keep you posted. As we were leaving the most amazing sunset was happening, just gorgeous to watch on the way home.


SongWolf said...

How does one sign your petition?

I also would like to know if I can be of any help? I have raised and released several birds over the years and wouldn't mind doing it again. I pet sit on a regular basis, looking after 8 parrots of various sizes. I'm in Mississauga if you are interested in a foster situation for any baby bird, especially waterfowl. (I have a Pekin duck as a pet)

Marg said...

Hi Songwolf-you should be able to click on the word Petition in this Blog entry to get to it. We did have a problem when it was full, but it should be okay now. We'll certainly keep you in mind, 8 parrots hmmm what kinds? And a Pekin duck as a pet-that's neat.

Marg said...

Just changed it now you click on the HERE to sign