Saturday, December 02, 2006

Have you heard the news?

The Toronto Bird Observatory is looking for the publics support in our efforts in High Park.

The TBO have positively influenced hundreds of people from school children and their parents, to teachers, business people, and professionals with our message of the importance of birds in the city to the preservation/restoration of a healthy urban environment and our quality of life.

Our work is very important to the future of High Park and to green programs across the GTA. Our educational/training activities, public presentations, and work in the Park and elsewhere in the GTA are an inspiration.

Our activities to date include public demonstrations on Hawk Hill, banding programs in Spring Creek Meadow (with its beautiful naturalized fence), participation in Park activities, and public service across the GTA. Our work represents a tremondously positive approach to environmental education and conservation in our highly stressed environment.

Please help support these efforts by signing this petition so that the Toronto Bird Observatory can continue its programs in High Park.

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