Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some different visitors

Well it's been exciting in High Park the last few days, I wasn't there for about a week, and then I went for some birdwatching both yesterday morning and this morning. I was feeding the Chickadees, Nuthatches, Downies, and Blue Jays, when a very nosey and noisey visitor showed up. The Red Bellied Woodpecker!

Update* I thought that the red bellied was a juvenile male, but it has now been identified as a female

She was flitting around and being quite vocal, she did not come down to the food but sure was talking a lot. Today I was joined by some other guests, the Juncos came, and a Wren and a pair of Sparrows, also the Northern Cardinal couple flitted back and forth. I swear the Blue Jays are stealth Blue Jays they sneak in quietly without a sound grab a peanut and disappear! The Red Bellied came back again today and stayed at the very top of a tree having a conversation with the Blue Jay. A Flock of about 50 Robins started twittering and the dozen or so Downy Woodpeckers answered them. All in all it was very noisey in the meadow. Until the Red Tailed glided overhead then there was dead silence!

As I was leaving (because it was snowing (amazing I know, finally) because I'd been observing for about two hours and had gotten pretty chilly I hear a very loud woodpecker noise! And yes there was the Pileated. Yay! Too far away to get a decent shot of him, but here's the "Yes there really is a Pileated in High Park" shot! This was from another time, but my camera battery was dead so not the greatest of shots, but proof! LOL

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