Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good Mourning in the afternoon

Once again we were back at Thickson Woods on May 28th we had three nets up and the results were astounding to us, two of us working and a LOT of birds every single net run. No time really to take pictures except for two particular birds.

The first was a female Mourning Warbler

We were pretty excited by her, up until her we were catching many, many Maggies (Magnolia Warblers) in fact I'm sure if she hadn't showed up this day would have been known as Maggie Day ;D I think we banded at least 20 Magnolias! Just to make it interesting there were a few Canada Warblers in there as well.

Check out how much white is on the throat

I'm not going to post the male Mourning Warbler yet, I'm going to save him for the next blog entry!

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