Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Orange Delight

Thickson Woods during Spring Migration is an amazing place to be, you can easily count 75-100 species there.

We banded 51 birds the other day and we only had three nets up! They were filling consistently with a variety of birds, Warblers of course (Canada, Magnolia, Northern Parula, Nashville, Ovenbird) and some others, Orioles, American Robin, Veery, Downy Woodpecker. We only had 3 recaps, two American Goldfinches and one Black Capped Chickadee. A nice surprise was this warbler an Orange Crowned Warbler (aptly Vermivora celata

We had quite the audience of photographers as well and I wouldn't be surprised to see photos of this one all over the web ;D Even though it was the birds that were the main attraction I had a taste of what being a movie star with a million big lenses pointed at you was like. :D Hey if any of you guys/ladies are reading this please comment with a link to your photos we'd love to see them.

I actually did not get that many shots of this guy as I was busy scribing.

Then when I was ready,
the bird had
had enough
The attitude was more like
"No More Pictures!" and of
course we do not put
any undue stress on
the birds, so that was
it for our modelling session

But here's the requisite wing shot, I think that with all the shots I've been taking for our personal "database" I could publish a book focusing on the primaries,
secondaries, rects, greater and lesser coverts! It's handy to go back and study these shots later to confirm your observations.

Oh and I forgot to thank you sonja for your comment on my bird photos, so I'll do it here, thanks!

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