Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thick with Birds and People

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We worked at Thickson Woods on the holiday Monday of the Victoria Day weekend and were visited by many people who came to us through Project CHIRP a songbird habitat initiative. Lots of people participated in putting up the nets, going on net runs and mainly observing the banding process. We had a fairly steady stream of birds but we caught our best birds in the last net run of the day (or should I say night?) it was getting pretty late, but we still hadn't heard the owl ;)

This Northern Waterthrush was the last bird we caught in the net-good looking isn't it?

The second last bird that we caught was the one that caused us the most trouble it was a Empidonax but what kind? It wouldn't honour us with a song while in hand. And it had a very, very green back-see

But after much measuring of the primaries, and using formulas to figure it out P10-P6, etc...., it was decided it was a Willow Flycatcher.

A birder came along to watch and we held it up and said what is it? And he laughed and said a flycatcher? Make it sing!

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