Friday, May 11, 2007

Sparrow Day

On Tuesday May 8, we worked at Thickson Woods, we had several volunteers, birds and visitors, in all we were very, very busy. We expected to catch several species of Warblers and we did get quite a few but the real stars of the day were Sparrows, seven species in total. We actually caught four Lincoln's Sparrows a little surprising!

Sometimes we were a little too busy, I did not get photos of all seven species, but I did get a few of them-here is the Swamp and the White Throated Sparrow that we banded

I think calling it "Sparrow Day" was a good assessment!


Larry said...

when you do that type of work ,do you become bored with birding using binoculars?

Marg said...

Good question larry, so far the answer is a resounding NO, but then I am new to this