Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dee, dee to Towee towee

Spring Creek Meadow today where the first thing to hit the single net we had up was a flock of chickadees-most of which had already been banded, one from April Fools Day 2006. However we managed to band a couple of newbies as well. The park was hopping today we had lots, and lots of visitors in the form of dog walkers, runners and regular walkers as well.

After the chickadees, which I thought was going to set the pace for the day, we caught quite a few American Goldfinches, and one very protesting female Downy woodpecker. The Goldfinches were quite beautiful, but we were so busy processing them I only managed pictures of this one fellow who had quite a gorgeous tail.

and while we are talking about how

handsome he is how about those
wing markings?

In High Park we often see all the same people over and over again, and have become friends with quite a few.....some regular dog walkers and runners, etc. Often people there are daily park we are, or at least we try to be.

This lady is usually there daily-weather and her health permitting. As you can see here she delights in releasing a bird, and we are always happy if we have one for her when she comes by.

A short day, but fulfilling both bird wise and education wise.

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