Sunday, November 26, 2006

Frost, Fog and a Hairy

Spring Creek Meadow at 9 am on November 25th was still covered with frost crunching under our boots. (A good reminder Christmas is a month away) We have been working on an perfecting an area where a new net lane is going to be-and today we had a team of helpers-YAY We couldn't open the other nets at first because it was too cold and damp-so until it warmed up we did lots of clean up.

The meadow is quite beautiful covered in both frost and fog. It's hard not to just stand around and stare sometimes :D

We had two new volunteers with us and could hardly wait for it to warm up so we could show them some birds. When it finally did warm up we didn't have long to wait this Red Breasted Nuthatch flew into the net while we were still opening it up!

We had planned on putting up at least two maybe three nets but we were kept too busy with just the one, I didn't get many pictures because it was so busy after that, we had Goldfinches, Juncos, Chickadees and the prize of the day a Hairy Woodpecker-I didn't even get a very good pic of him-but I did get this close up of his bill-quite the length!

Again we had several visitors, it was a warm day in the Park after all and a Saturday to boot, so lots of people were introduced to lots of birds-the sharing of knowledge continues :D

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