Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Visitors than Birds

We went to Thickson Woods today, and it turned into a teaching/sharing the joy of birds and banding day.

First we had a friend I had met on Flickr come by, and I'm pretty sure she'll be back next time too. Update, she got a beautiful picture of that female cardinal and she made this.

A couple of birders came by, someone from the Friends of Second Marsh, and a group of people out for a walk on their lunch hour. They lucked out because we caught the most beautiful Female Northern Cardinal, and she was very friendly, hardly biting at all. They all learned how to hold a bird in the banders grip, and then picked a number to see who would be the lucky person to release the bird. I thought the woman who won and did the release was going to cry she was so overcome with emotion. It was a joy to share the birds with so many eager, willing people.

Learning the banders grip!

Holding a female cardinal for the first time

We did not catch too many birds today, the Cardinal beauty, a Ruby and Golden Crowned Kinglet, and of course a couple of Black Capped Chickadees. I am posting a picture of the top of the Golden Crowned Kinglets crown, even though my photo did not turn out the best, because he had such a big patch of orange in his crown that I have to share it. The first bird we caught of the day we caught before we even finished putting up the net, we were still tying off the ropes, and she was a beauty as well, a very pretty American Tree Sparrow. But the small amount of birds were perfect because it made for excellent teaching and sharing conditions, without having to be cut short by other things. All in all a very good day.

Almost forgot to top off the day we both heard and watched the Great Horned Owl fly by! Hoo Hoodooo Hoooo Hoo!!

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