Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Normal to Abnormal

Spring Creek Meadow November 21st

It was c-c-c-old! Well at least the humans were cold, even though the Sun was shining brightly and and there was not a cloud in the sky there was a bone chilling wind, which did not make for happy banders :D

We were surprised at the amount of birds we caught today-there were the usual suspects, quite a lot of Juncos, Chickadees and American Goldfinches who were foraging together

and a Downy Woodpecker who was a recap from just a little while ago, November 11th.

But then we caught a White Throated Sparrow just as we were going to close up after our rush of other birds, and he was a little abnormal. He had a deformed bill, looked like a Crossbill, as a matter of fact.

He was a first year male, and he had a healthy weight, I hope the little guy makes it, maybe he will be found by someone else and we will get to hear about him. After him we stopped because we needed to get WARM

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