Monday, November 13, 2006


We worked in Spring Creek Meadow today and we really didn't think that much would be happening birdwise-but as usual we were surprised! Funny how when you think you are going to be busy you aren't and vice versa. Several visitors came by to chat and admire the birds we caught. We recaptured quite a few Black Capped Chickadees, giving us a chance to catch up on their health and welfare. I didn't really get any pictures of the chickadees as we were too busy processing them and they were anxious to get back to their flock. Happy to say they seem to be doing well. We also recaptured a Junco from April 1, 2005, and she too seemed to be in good health, plus her wing length was a tiny bit longer than last time.

Another visitor was an handsome male Northern Cardinal-not one previously banded by us....and he was fully grown, not a Hatch Year. Except for using his beak to try to free himself from our grasps he was surprisingly amiable for a cardinal. He had lovely wings.

A male downy was also caught-he was another handsome male, but it was very hard to get a photo of him as he rarely stopped moving, or stopped pecking.

It was a lot of fun recapturing birds-like catching up with old friends.

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